blog inception

Each year for the past few years our church has an event called Gifted, which is a time for shopping and selling local vendors’ products with the intent of the proceeds going to our Orphan Care Ministry. This event has been a huge success in the past, so much so that this year it will […]

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twenty-four hours in nashvegas

Nashville from Birmingham is the perfect distance for a little twenty-four hour getaway. We drove up last Thursday morning and made it there for lunch with sweet friends. We spent the day in Nolensville where Kevin and Jane moved last month and got to see their church and home for the day. The last time we […]

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the one with the tattoo

“I got a tattoo!” Words I wanted to say for awhile but wasn’t sure when the day would come. But September 18, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee me and my pal Eli had a bonding moment over a tattoo gun and me passing out. Safe House Tattoo in Nashville was awesome. The atmosphere was nice and […]

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lessons in bible journaling

I’m pretty blatant about dropping hints for the things I really want when it’s gift-giving time. Christmas, birthday, anniversary, etc… I lose all my subtlety and just start texting Ethan pictures and links of the things I’m eyeing and say “PLEASE GET THIS FOR ME”. I did it when I wanted a dog (shamelessly) and […]

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just open your eyes

I was asked to create a print for someone who has a friend adopting in the coming months. The request for John 14:18 was just so perfect to me – because as this family adopts, there’s the reminder that we are all adopted into the family of Christ. That we were once cast out, orphaned, […]

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macaroons and heart lessons

 I’ve been reminded lately that marriage is sanctifying and inconveniences show our true character.    I was so thankful to have some time in Paris with just Ethan on the tail end of our mission trip to England. However, I didn’t account for the exhaustion and grumpiness that would come from the introvert in me […]

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