bible journaling bundle of joy

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I was given the opportunity to share my Bible journaling story last night with a group of eight other women. I was so excited (maybe a little too much!). The unique thing about this group is that each of the ladies is older than me, some are in very different life phases than me, and some had never seen Bible journaling before.

As someone who works with college students all week, this change of setting was actually really wonderful. I knew there was so much wisdom and life to be learned from in these women’s stories, and as we’ve been in our Table Group the past few weeks, my heart has been so encouraged by this aspect of community that I don’t get very often.

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So when Ashley asked me to share, I got really, really excited. Because it’s a topic I love, a process that has encouraged me greatly, and a really special part of my story that I will always hold dear.

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After sharing my story and my process, (all while reminding them I’m definitely not a professional, and this is just one way to do it!) we started playing around with the watercolors on simple watercolor paper so they could get the hang of them. I think they really enjoyed this part!

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I decided to get each lady a little bundle of goodies (because care packages and goody bags are my love language). I tried to cover most of the basic items you may need to get started if you were completely new to this process. Here’s what I included in the bundle:

  • Illustrated Faith Journaling Bible Checklist
  • Illustrated Faith 7 Steps to get started
  • My list of favorite Instagram accounts for inspiration and tools for starting out
  • A simple watercolor pallet with brush ($4 in the craft section at Walmart!) but my favorite is Artist Loft brand at Michael’s for $5
  • A micron pen and a pencil
  • A sample lettering sheet
  • Watercolor paper (I picked up a book of 25 sheets from Michael’s for $5)
  • A fun little tassel bookmark (those tassels come in a pack of 8 at Michael’s and their 40% off this week! The brand is called Recollections. I just popped them on a paperclip)
  • A coloring sheet of my Psalm 51:10 print (which you can find in my Etsy shop!)

This little bundle was really easy and fun to put together. I hope it can encourage you if you’re just beginning, or know someone who may enjoy the bible journaling process! Happy journaling!

Here are most of those resources mentioned above:

Illustrated Faith Checklist


Bible Journaling Favorites

clean heart coloring sheet

lettering examples.jpg

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