Our Christmas in the city 

After my first ever visit to New York City this summer, I came home and the very next day started planning mine and Ethan’s return visit. Ethan had never been and I couldn’t wait to go back. I’ve always wanted to see New York at Christmastime, so we saved up our pennies (and vacation days) and planned a trip for December.

It just so happened that our favorite South Africans Melanie and Meagan would be in the States for the month of December, and for as long as I’ve known Mel, I’ve known about her love for NYC. We invited them to join us on our trip and I was basically giddy for the following 5 months.

We had three nights and four days to make the most of our time there, and it was absolutely wonderful. The weather was oddly warm for the time of year, but still extremely pleasant (think high 50’s or low 60’s without humidity and a nice breeze). It was cooler at night but just the right temperature to not need a heavy coat. Because of my total obsession with You’ve Got Mail, I’ve also dreamt of seeing New York in the Fall. So this was the best of both worlds! Christmas decorations and Fall weather, some pretty yellow leaves on trees, and some of my favorite people in the world. Best Christmas present EVER.

Mel and Meagan were blown away by the concept of Uber. They loved seeing exactly who was going to pick us up and what car they’d be driving. 🙂


 Our little Airbnb apartment was tiny but cozy (after we stopped sweating and figured out how to turn the radiators off!) It was the perfect location – right in the middle of the city and close enough to walk to Times Square!    

This moment will forever and always be one of my favorite memories. I cried with joy. Possibly because I was sleepy, but mainly because it was just so overwhelming seeing this beautiful (GIANT) tree in person! I felt like all my Home Alone viewings were coming to life!
I love this picture. I didn’t think they were looking but they both looked straight as me right as I snapped this one. I love the Santa quote also.


Quite possibly the highlight of my life. Seeing Jimmy has been on my bucket list for YEARS and we got to go! Chris Hemsworth and Jim Gaffigan were the guests and I haven’t laughed so hard since, maybe ever.  

See it was the perfect fall weather! Those leaves! We also ate the most delicious Greek food from some food trucks by the park. I loved this day.  
I wanted to live in one of these Anthro window displays!
The Rockettes were incredible! I loved that they told the Christmas story  and read straight from Luke 2, plus there were live camels and sheep!


Ethan said he liked the Museum of Natural History more than Jimmy Fallon…. 
Oh, did I mention we got to observe SantaCon? Santas for days!


I LOVE CHELSEA MARKET! Especially decorated as a winter wonderland. 

My favorite person to adventure with. He was so patient as we lingered (three girls and one guy…) and so excellent at navigating the subways!

Dear Shake Shack, come to the South!

It was such a happy few days. I think I could live in New York pretty happily, even if just for a little while…. Maybe one day! 🙂

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