I’ve wanted to have a little celebration of Thanksgiving with our friends the last few years, but usually the holidays sneak up before we can get anything planned. This year we thought ahead and made it happen. We made a simple digital invitation that I emailed to everyone then we just assigned a few dishes to bring. We had such a good night, just simple time together with yummy potluck dishes and a lot of laughter. 

Everyone brought their favorite side or dessert and we set the table like a banquet, long enough to seat all 16 of us together. I wish I had documented me trying to move all three pieces of our sectional into the other room by myself. As ridiculous as it may have looked, I felt pretty accomplished when the table was set and it was all said and done! 


The decoration was simple but felt nice and cozy. I laid a white piece of butcher paper the length of the two tables then had some leftover burlap to use as a runner. We laid eucalyptus leaves on top with a mixture of small pumpkins, pinecones and some fresh flowers and candles. 

I think it turned out really beautiful!

Allison brought her Instax and we had fun just enjoying one another’s company and sharing what we are thankful for. 

Oh and the food was absolutely delicious too! Potluck is my favorite way to do a meal, everyone brings their best options! Can’t go wrong with that. 

It was such a happy Friendsgiving indeed. Something I will definitely keep on the calendar for next year!


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