sweet and simple gift idea

 This month we’ve been trying to limit our spending after purchasing a few larger items. But May means graduations, Mother’s Day, birthdays and a lot of little opportunities to spend. So I wanted an inexpensive gift that would be fun and happy without a big price tag!
I found these amazing prints over at Caravan Shoppe for FREE.99!  They’re in the Mother’s Day section but some of them are perfect for a grad! (Like the radiant one!)


They have such amazing prints in all styles and sizes. You get an instant download to print the color and size you want. 

I had a clipboard on hand (but only paid sixty cents for it at Bargain Hunt!) so I just taped off the metal clip and sprayed a few coats of spray paint on there. This way the print can be changed out easily but this can be hung on the wall as easy as a frame!  

I love fun flags for everything! They’re the perfect pop of color to add to your flowers or in a jar by themselves. I have this little bundle in my etsy shop and they’re perfect for gifts!  

I grabbed an extra glass bottle I had and popped some flowers in with a fun flag. Makes an easy little vase for just over a dollar! 


I picked up these awesome donut notecards at Target. They’re so happy and colorful and make writing thank you notes much more fun post-graduation! I tossed in a page of stamps – I thought these were so fun and happy! And if you haven’t found the Burt’s Bees candles at Walmart for under $5… Run now! They smell amazing and come in a wide variety of delicious scents.  

So all together this little bundle would have cost about $20 to make, or even less if you use what you have! Those flags were super easy to make from some fabric scraps and popsicle sticks, and I already had the clipboard and spray paint. It’s fun making the most out of what you have on hand, and I love the challenge of thinking of fun ways to show someone I care about them. Happy making!


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