open hands


If I had to pick one chapter of Scripture that clearly outlines my life long desire, it’s probably Psalm 145. Reading this Psalm never fails to challenge, encourage and satisfy me all at once. It reminds us of His character, His goodness and His faithful works. It speaks of His bigness and nearness and our responsibility to proclaim this truth!

Today I was thinking about all the things I’m waiting for in this season. Anticipation and goals are good! But the issue is with the misunderstanding that when those things come, satisfaction will accompany their arrival. However my favorite verse of all time says it so clearly: 

You open your hand; you satisfy the desire of every living thing.

Only God can satisfy our souls. But open hands are essential! If He is to satisfy by the stretching out of His hands, our hands must be open to receive. This means they aren’t holding tightly to the things we fear losing. It means we aren’t clinging to those things we can hold onto expecting them to satisfy. With open hands we simultaneously relinquish control and willingly accept the gracious gifts of the Father in due season. It represents provision when He opens His hand and total trust when we open ours. 

All those things I’m waiting for will not bring satisfaction. Only He can. Today I was reminded that if my mouth is to speak the praise of the LORD, my heart has to believe He is good and praiseworthy! He is faithful in all His words, He is kind in all His works and He desires our hands to be open so He can satisfy them with His goodness.


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