gifts galore

I’m not a huge jewelry wearer – other than my lovely wedding ring Ethan picked out entirely on his own, and the three sets of the exact same pair of fake diamond stud earrings I rotate through, I don’t have a ton of jewelry. Except for long necklaces. I love a good long necklace.  And I especially love when they support a good cause!

So with Mother’s Day, Graduation, and End of the Year Teacher gifts all right around the corner, I thought I’d share some of my favorites!

Noonday Collection is one of my favorites. The details are absolutely perfect, and entrepreneurs all around the developing world are given a chance to make a living for themselves through this company. This Bethe Rope Necklace was made in Ethiopia from artillery pieces. It’s long enough for a necklace, or you can wrap it multiple times for an awesome bracelet. I also love the Two Coins Necklace which also happens to be from Ethiopia, and goes perfectly with the rope necklace if you like the layered look.

Another favorite is a ministry established here in Birmingham that’s doing incredible work in Peru. Allison and Tyler Fuqua helped create Not Forgotten which is an incredible ministry that is helping abused and abandoned children by providing physical, spiritual, and emotional help so they will know they are not forgotten by God.

Allison sells incredible pieces – each one so unique and different from the next that helps support the ministry. She posts about upcoming trunk shows and markets where she’ll be selling jewelry.

Now this is quite possibly my very favorite piece I’ve ever owned. Katie does some incredible work with hand stamped pieces – she can combine any mix of finishes, shapes and sizes and they can be stamped to say anything special you would like. This piece has my favorite verse of scripture, the date Ethan and I started dating and got married, an E for his name and a cross. The chain has beautiful pearls, and really when I wear it I feel like everything I love is close to my heart. She is so affordable also and such a joy to work with.

Another hand stamper I really love is my sweet friend Erin. Her etsy shop Befriending Faith is full of beautiful pieces that point back to Jesus. 15% of her proceeds go toward ministries that are advancing the Gospel around the globe. She has some ready to order pieces, amazing lockets, hand-stitched hoops, and she can also take custom orders. Her Instagram has beautiful behind the scenes pictures too!

Last but not least, I love this pink beaded beauty. I’ve had the privilege of working with Work of Worth and getting to take some pictures of their monthly cause boxes. Their ministry is doing great work, giving women around the world a marketplace to sell their creations. They have amazing journals, bags, soaps, jewelry, and it all equips women who may not have a chance to make a living otherwise.

This is their awesome Mother’s Day box – which I love that it’s a gift all ready in one. There are two options for scarves also! And their April box below would be the perfect Graduation gift for someone getting ready to go off to college or get their first job. The scarf is so fun it makes me wish it was fall again!


Some of my favorites… all really great ladies, doing some really great work. And the perfect way to give a gift with purpose!


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