Work is good


“This day, go to the ‘fields’ where you work, live or learn in, and humbly serve Christ.”  

This was a line from Day 3 of the Proverbs 31 study from Life Lived Beautifully. Once again the Lord has used the faithfulness of this ministry to be such an encouragement directly to my heart! 💛 Lately I’ve seen a spirit of laziness, dissatisfaction and discontentment sneak into my thoughts. I can’t quite pinpoint the source other than forgetting that every place we live, serve, work, fellowship… They can all be redeemed for His glory. Work is good. Work came before the fall, work is God-honoring, work is not something to avoid and expect growth to still happen. 

So today, after resting at home from a sick day off, I’m eager to jump back in with my whole heart and serve humbly where I am positioned, right now. Contentment breeds joy. 🌻


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