Broken dishes 

Ever since moving into a home without a dishwasher, I’ve become aware of my knack for breaking dishes. If I go too fast, get frustrated or even distracted, another dish bites the dust. So my only goal with this beautiful mug was to keep it in one piece. 

Of course, two days after getting it, I dropped and chipped it in the sink while in a hurry. I was so frustrated, murmuring under my breath and trying to see if I could glue the broken piece back on. As I turned the mug over and saw “be still and know” the Lord graciously reminded me that I break things because I am broken. I mess up because I am messed up. I get angry or flustered and choose myself over the gospel every. single. day. 

Dishes break and my flesh wins when I fail to remember that these are just things, and forget that there is a God who wants me to slow down, be still, remember him, and care less about myself and my things. This morning I’m using the broken things to remind me how much I need to be restored by my father! Thankfully grace never runs out and He is excellent at putting the pieces back together.


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