life lived beautifully

For Christmas I was given a beautiful journal that has completely changed how I approach the time I spend with Jesus. Kendall asked me if I had heard of Life Lived Beautifully, a company that is all about pointing women toward God and equipping us to grow in relationship with Christ. Gretchen is one of those women that just speaks life with her words and makes you want to love Jesus more, and that’s exactly what these journals do as well.

The journal is simple in structure but intentional. It gives some guidance to how you can approach Scripture to dig deeply, but still lets you have freedom in studying whatever you want. The journal starts with a “heart check” – a series of questions that help you evaluate your heart and your life in regard to pursuing Christ. It has been such an asset in my time with Christ and helps my brain have structure with freedom, a difficult balance to maintain! The new line of journals launches Wednesday and I can’t wait to get a few for myself and friends! The blog also has an amazing series happening currently called Well Watered Women, all about being women who are in the Word and growing daily. I’ve been so thankful for this ministry and the work that’s being done for the kingdom.


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