Diets, grace, and worth

I had a funny interaction yesterday with a kind, well-meaning individual who was trying to offer some encouragement. The words didn’t come out as I’m sure they intended when they said, “Rachael, you’ve lost weight! You’re starting to look so pretty!” I just had to laugh a little because it was meant as a compliment, […]

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Freedom in the Word

Can I just be honest? I love bible journaling. I love painting an image to connect my mind to a verse and getting to share my heart through the process. But the enemy has snuck into what should be an act of worship and spoken comparison, insecurity, and pride into the nooks and crannies of […]

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Goldendoodles and grace

I never expected our hyperactive goldendoodle to teach me so much about God’s grace, but He’s funny like that sometimes.  Lately she keeps going into the yard, throwing herself in the dirt and rolling around. She comes in filthy, with bugs and slugs (which are disgusting by the way) and leaves all in her fur. […]

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He is still risen!

   Jesus give me grace even as I think aloud. May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you. Yesterday was Easter Sunday. The culmination of the Lenten season celebrated by the resurrected Christ and the empty tomb. As I scrolled through my social media feeds I saw […]

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Jesus in a jewelry box

Maybe you’ll read this story I’m about to tell you and think, “what’s the big deal, it’s just a random coincidence.” Or maybe you’ll hear the story and not really care, but y’all, Jesus used this story in my life to remind me of His love and goodness, so it’s a good one if you […]

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